What is Viral Content and How to Create It

Content is king. There, I’ve said them, the three most pervasive, and possibly the most boring words that you can read that relate to content marketing. They are so omnipresent that they’ve actually started sounding silly, especially when you see them falling out from the mouth of every marketer on the planet.

But, regardless of how irritated you are by that phrase, don’t take it lightly. And don’t forget why is it that it has become so popular. In a way, ‘content is king’ is the truest thing any marketer has ever uttered. Today, content is the most important thing you have at your disposal to build or influence your audience and your prospects.

There is one type of content everyone strives to create and that is viral content. Viral content has nothing to do with the format of the piece you create. Virality is a phenomenon that occurs when content gets picked up by the online crowd and starts spreading around the Web like wildfire.

Did you have a piece of content that went viral? If you have, congratulations are in order. You’ve hit the mother lode with that one. Now, let me ask you how many times were you able to repeat that initial success? Probably not too many times, if ever. This is because virality is elusive and mysterious. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a video, or a blog post, go viral.

What we do know is that viral content has a large number of people emotionally invested in it! It elicits a strong emotional reaction and people want others to see it.

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