We should be more judgmental online, just not the way you think



When Australian fashion and beauty blogger Essena O’Neill quit social media, she didn’t just walk away. She lit a match and started a fire

O’Neill, who had over 600,000 Instagram followers and 260,000 YouTube subscribers, posted a video lamenting the lack of authenticity on social media. Then, she deleted Instagram photos and edited captions on the remaining pictures to reveal the truth: They were heavily edited and carefully curated to sell clothing and accessories for sponsors. Not a drop of reality

In the wake of O’Neill’s social media flounce, critics have accused her of continuing to play the game, by using social media to criticize social media, perhaps even for a larger publicity stunt. O’Neill has since gained a larger following and has asked for donations on her new website Let’s Be Game Changers. Read more…

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