“We had an issue with our first manufacturer. After all the…

“We had an issue with our first manufacturer. After all the testing and the color finalizing, we got a sample of it to make sure that it was something we wanted to move forward with. Once we got the first five yards of the roll; it was done incorrectly. We denied it and suddenly the manufacturer decided that our disapproval was enough for them to not do business with us, which left us in a frantic because we needed it for an event at FIDM. We were starting to sell at one of their campus stores, and we found out a month before that we wouldn’t have our product. It took 15 months to get us to this point. We were devastated because we were expecting our production within four weeks, and we had to start all over from square one! We had to research new fabric vendors, new printing vendors, approve new fabrics, everything all over again.

Afterwards, we had to pick up the pieces and go. Being upset about it doesn’t do anything. We ended up taking pre-orders from students, and that was a good experience for us.

Now, our new manufacturer really hustled and understood our urgency; it ended up working out that the first one didn’t work. That’s when I felt like a business owner because this was our first really big hurdle.”

Founders of Aeline, product invented with the goal to make garment pattern making easier, efficient and more accurate for fashion designers.

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