(via 89% of Employees are Demotivated by Ineffective Managers…

(via 89% of Employees are Demotivated by Ineffective Managers and Leaders)

7 keys to reaching the next level:

  1. Paint a picture of the next level. What might the next level look like?
  2. Ask, What might you do to take your performance to the next level? Identify three or four possible behaviors.
  3. Create focus before performance.
  4. Give pep talks before performance.
  5. Provide immediate feedback after performance.
  6. Appreciate improvement. You paused and lowered your voice before the main point of your presentation.That really worked. The Boston Consulting Group reports that the number one factor in employee happiness is appreciation for their work.
  7. Clarify reasons for success.

Tip: You never get to the next level by repeating the past.

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