Using Emotional Perspective to Design Ecommerce Websites

Using Emotional Perspective to Design Ecommerce Websites

Everything around you that you interact with has a certain degree of emotional link that triggers you to reach out and use it, touch it, or even see it. The way our emotional responses register against objects and people is truly amazing and without these inherent instincts we cannot tell for sure what it is exactly that we want. This very concept fuels the latest algorithms that predict human behavior. The technology is known as emotional intelligence.

You might not know it yet but many accessories, appliances and devices that you own have traces of emotional intelligence in their system. Manufacturers of smartphones, digital wristwatches and other types of advance gadgetry have dedicated departments for research and development on personalization of emotions in their target audience. Without knowing how the users will respond to their products on an emotional level they dare not take the risk of putting it in the market. To harness the energy of emotional intelligence, personalization algorithms are developed to do the job.

Emotion sensing technology is the stuff of today now. Your smart watch can detect the pulse from your wrist and calculate the probability of your mood. Face recognition software are capable of telling if you are happy, sad or angry just by sensing the curvature of your features.

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