Ultimate #SocialMedia Cheat Sheet For Perfectly Sized Images In 2016 – #infographic

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Social Media Image Sizes - infographic

Social media is a novice giant and one that is constantly evolving. As difficult as it is to keep up with its latest trends, it is equally vital to know the technical details behind those changes so that you can extract the maximum from them. Review reporting on social media trends has very aptly revealed that visual posts which contain an image are far more likely to get noticed than those without any.

The visual form is a proven method to grab eyeballs. The human brain is easily distracted and it takes something to stand out amidst the sea of content that is available on the internet. Images, memes, creative digital art and various other formats of showcasing your product/idea are now available at your disposal and not using them for upping your business quotient would be suicide. In order to do so, you need to know the what dimensions and pixels of images are best suited for which platform. If these minor technicalities are overlooked, the image may fail to highlight what is most important and completely miss the point of its existence!

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