Top 6 Most Powerful Latest #SEO Strategies 2016 with Tips & Tools – #infographic

Top 6 Most Powerful Latest #SEO Strategies 2016 with Tips & Tools - #infographic

The digital world is like a noisy classroom, where you’re fighting with twenty other kids to get your answer on the chalkboard. So, how do you get called upon by the teacher? It’s not by having the right answer, because your teacher doesn’t know your response until she’s Chosen you. It’s by getting noticed. You and every other website are competing for the online viewer’s attention, so if you don’t know how to ensure your website is being seen, then you risk sitting at the back –and the first step is to evaluate your SEO strategy. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practise of creating a digital presence that works in sync with search engine algorithms. Through correct use of keywords, quality of content, and other factors, you can ensure that when your potential reader or customer searches your niche market in their engine of choice, your page is ranked higher and therefore more likely to be seen. Once upon a time, it was as simple as cramming keywords onto the page, but search engines are become more intuitive, and are now paying attention to more discreet indicators of the value of your page. Check out this handy infographic created by dilate, on how to get your SEO strategy right to the front.

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