The Path to Poor Local Rankings – Citation Inconsistency [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Path to Poor Local Rankings – Citation Inconsistency [infographic]

Users are increasingly searching for products or services based on location, putting local businesses in a fierce battle to be the first solution searchers find. A battle that cannot be fought alone!

The following infographic created by OptiLocal – Episode I of the Local SEO Wars – the Citation Inconsistency Awakens encourages local businesses to prepare a reliable army of business citations that will help fight this battle for higher local rankings. The infographic illustrates what citation inconsistency is, how it can negatively influence your local business and ultimately, provides suggestions on how you ended up suffering from inconsistencies in the first place.

By transforming your business citations into the Stormtroopers of the First Order, the infographic puts you on a mission of turning your army of soldiers to the Light (cleaning up your citations to avoid citation inconsistency), just like Finn did in The Force Awakens, escaping the First Order to follow his heart serving the Light.

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