Sister Inmate

SISTER INMATE is a Los Angeles-Based non-profit that supports the
victims affected by incarceration; not by choice, but by affiliation.

you’re doing something and a bump in the road comes up, you can look at
it like, ‘I don’t want to deal with it. Why do I deserve this?’ Or you
can be like, ‘This is great! This is a challenge and I’m going to see
what I can make of it.’ I’m going to honor it, respect that it’s in my
life, trust in the universe and go with it. Instead of seeing them as
bad things that have happened to you, flip them into life learning
lessons and learn to grow from them. That’s what life’s about. It’s a
lot of mind work. The bumps in the road will never go away.”

-Founder of Sister Inmate

everything works out for me– I get a ton of noes. I don’t see
everything as failure. I thought that door was supposed to be open, and
the universe is telling me that’s not the door to go through.”

-Founder of Sister Inmate

“I love the fashion world, but it’s very materialistic and there’s a
side to it that I don’t like as well. And so, when I finally reached out
to the Sheriff’s department to say ‘This is who I am. This is my story.
I want to volunteer. Give me a toothbrush and I’ll clean in the jail
cell– I don’t care, I just want to help. I don’t know how but please
let me come help’.

They normally don’t just let individuals come in and volunteer but they said ‘We have an orientation. It’s an all day thing. Come. We’ll sit with you and figure out how you can contribute.’

So I go to this orientation and it’s basically an orientation that
teaches you how to be a teacher. And I’m sitting there going like ‘I was
the girl in class that would never raise my hand to answer a question.
Back then I’d get so nervous if I had to talk in front of somebody’

So now I’m thinking ‘What the heck am I doing here?’

It took me about two years to come to the acceptance of that’s what I
was going to do. And again, life will put you in situations where you
eventually realize why you’re there.”

-Founder of Sister Inmate

other day I had a dream that I was in an airport. When you’re in an
airport, that represents coming and going– a transitional phase. That’s
where I am in life. I’m still working part-time in the business
management world, and I know that Sister Inmate is where I want to go,
but I’m still figuring it out. For me, it was a message to myself that
I’m on the right path. You don’t necessarily have to figure out the
‘how’ if you keep knocking on doors and opportunities. If you keep doing
the work, it kind of reveals itself sometimes.”

-Founder of Sister Inmate

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