Nourish your Insta: 7 body positive women to follow this coming year


Your Instagram feed is likely nowhere near the top of the list of things stressing you out in 2016, but why add to it? 

The end of the year is the perfect time to cut things out of your life that make you feel low. And Instagram envy is no good. 

Fitspo models with unrealistic advice? Cut ’em. Spruikers of “clean eating” with all the cash in the world to afford an organic lifestyle? Unfollow. Your high school frenemy who you still creep on? Nope.

But no need to become anti-fitness or switch off your social media entirely (unless that sounds good, in which case, go for it). 

Instead, consider who gets your precious “follow” and fill up your feed with positive women who make you feel good about yourself – creative people who genuinely inspire you. Read more…

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