“I\’ve had a 100 different jobs in different areas, and…

“I\’ve had a 100 different jobs in different areas, and this to me feels the most right. The last day I was 14, I waited in line at my high school and I got my working papers at 15. Any type of job possible, I did it. I was just doing it for money. I always wanted money and capital to do more. I wanted to be independant, live on my own, get out of my mom\’s house. Once I got all those things, I realized that it\’s not about the money- I\’m not doing something I love. And it starts to drain you. After years and years of working for people who don\’t appreciate what you are doing, it turns you into like, a colder person. Working for other people- it just wasn\’t feeding what I wanted for my life. When I turned 30, I looked back and realized I\’ve been going going going- maybe it\’s time for me to slow down and figure out what I want to do. We all have to make a living and earn money. I didn\’t believe I could work for anyone and achieve that.”

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