Instagram Misconceptions: What Majority Of Businesses Think About It?

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Using Instagram for Business

With more than 400 million active users in a month, Instagram is turning out to be the biggest competitor for all gigantic social platforms out there. It is more effective, results-driven and simple as compare to Facebook and Twitter. Well, I am not the only one saying it, there are number of marketing practitioners and experts who truly believe that Instagram should be used as the primary source of brand activation and PR.

However, there are numerous companies and small business owners who are not willing to accept this fact. According to them, Instagram lacks the ability to offer one-on-one conversation with the audience. Practically, it is opposite to what they are thinking. In my eight years of professional career, I have come across and used several marketing channels, but I didn’t see any social platform better than Instagram.

With the help of this blog, I am pretty much satisfied that I will clear all the misconceptions about Instagram for business.

Without further waiting, let’s start the journey…

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