How to Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Traffic And Conversion

Did you know – in one day, we create 1.5 billion pieces of content?

With the bombardment of articles, blogs, white papers by businesses, people seem to have become desensitized towards static content. In fact, Content Marketing Institute reveals that over 58% marketers believe that their content does not create opportunity for engagement. People now look for and essentially demand content that yields enough power and substance to get them involved, engaged and entertained, in equal measures.

The competition on the web has become fiercer making marketers believe that creating content that can summon apt attention and interest from their target audience with their existing content is difficult, even downright impossible. But things aren’t that bad! All you need to do is to use your existing content and present it in a fashion that it takes elements of your brand and showcase those elements to the world in a way that’s even more awesome. Yes, we’re talking about repurposing your static content. Repurposing is an art that involves restructuring and molding old content to provide valuable information in an easier, engaging and entertaining way. Just add value to your old content and save on a lot of business time, efforts and energy.

According to an article published in Curata, 69% of content marketers cite lack of time as their marketing challenge. Therefore, repurposing gives you an opportunity to pull together great content in time crunch. You can repurpose your content into any form – infographics, slides, videos etc.

Through this article, we will see how effectively you can drive your modern marketing machine with the fuel of repurposed content and drive maximum traffic and conversion for your brand.

But before we proceed, let’s first quickly understand the need of repurposing.

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