How these Aussie kids are selling themselves on Instagram



It\’s a winter day in the beachside Sydney suburb of Manly, and Tori Levett and Alex Hayes are discussing content.

Levett, 19, with more than 40,000 Instagram followers, and Hayes, 17, with more than 68,000 followers, are reaping the rewards of what youthful good looks and an iPhone can bring a savvy teenager in 2015. Forget shoveling fries at MacDonald\’s, this gig comes with perks such as thousands of “likes,” adoration in the comment section, along with cash and freebies from brands desperate to reach young consumers.

Wielding little more than a data plan and a winning smile, your average photogenic kid from Sydney\’s northern beaches can monetise her Instagram feed. Their lives — surfing and swimming in Australia\’s beautiful beaches and hanging out at music festivals in the latest fashions — are being carefully documented on the photo-focused social media platform. It could be best weekend job you never had. Read more…

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