How modern witches are gathering online to stop Trump


Binding politicians, hexing fascists, looking out for humanity and causing trouble: All in a day’s work for modern, politically-organized witches. 

Witches and the witch-curious caught global attention after announcing they would come together online to cast “a spell to bind U.S. President Donald Trump and all those who abet him” last month. (Though that hasn’t stopped his flurry of controversial executive orders that have rocked the globe.) 

Still, for these internet-savvy witches, one little spell designed to stop someone from doing harm is just the beginning of their plans for political change. Anyone who watched The Craft in the ’90s will be familiar with the concept of a binding spell – You probably attempted one in high school after trying to make a friend levitate with light as a feather, stiff as a board. Ideally, the spell to bind Trump would have caused a magically-influenced change of heart and cosmic protection for the downtrodden – and the planet itself.  Read more…

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