How Facebook\’s fake holiday took over Twitter



If you spent any time on Facebook Thursday, chances are your News Feed was filled with Friends Day videos.

The videos, which were similar to the social network\’s end of year videos, were rolled out Thursday to coincide with Facebook\’s 12-year anniversary. Of course, as with most new Facebook features, the videos were met with mixed reactions.

Even so, Friends Day, a holiday Facebook literally made up to coincide with its 12-year anniversary, soon took over Twitter

Zuckerberg first called Feb. 4, the anniversary of Facebook\’s founding, “Friends Day” last year but this year marked the first time the company put out its specialized videos. While not surprising that the insanely shareable videos went viral on Facebook, Friends Day was also instantly viral on Twitter, where it was the top trending topic for most of the day. Here\’s how it went down Read more…

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