How a Canadian Sikh was photoshopped to look like a Paris attacker



On Saturday, Veerender Jubbal woke up to a social media nightmare. The Canadian Sikh discovered that a photoshopped version of his bathroom mirror selfie was circulating on social media as a photograph of one of the terrorists behind the Paris attacks.

Jubbal soon took to Twitter to clarify the misunderstanding.

People are editing, and photoshopping my selfies as if I am one of the people causing the issues/problems in Paris.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015

Has spread to the point, where many people have had to tweet about the photos being photoshopped..

Any support/nice messages are welcome.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015 Read more…

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