Facebook releases a Snapchat-like app that’s only for high schoolers



Facebook has tried and failed and tried again to win over teenagers the way Snapchat has. Now, Facebook is taking a new tactic in its bid to appeal to teenagers. Yes, it’s (yet another) standalone app. This one, called Lifestage, is different than Poke and Slingshot and all the rest in one important way: it was created by a teenager. 

At 19, Michael Sayman may be the youngest product managers on staff at Facebook. Despite being only two years out of high school, however, he’s already a veteran app developer. 

His latest? Facebook’s new video-centric app that connects high school students with others from their school. Rather than profile photos, the app uses a series of selfies where users can show off their “faces.” Users record videos  to show off what they like and dislike and who their friends, pets, boyfriends and girlfriends are.  Read more…

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