Facebook is greeting some international users with the weather. But in Fahrenheit.



In its quest to be the front page of the internet (sorry Google), Facebook is testing a weather forecast for some users in Australia on desktop browsers. 

A message greets people on login, advising them to “stay dry today in Sydney” thanks to a forecast of rain, for example. The weather alert does not currently seem to appear for all Australian Facebook users. It follows tests of the product in other regions, including in the UK in April.

Image: mashable

Image: mashable

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the trial. “We’re currently testing greetings that let you know about notable changes in the weather in your area,” he said. “These greetings appear at the top of News Feed and include helpful weather information, such as if there’s been a change in the temperature, when rain or snow is on the way, or if the sun is expected to come out after a few days in hiding.” Read more…

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