7 Warning Mistakes That Can Turn Your Social Media Into Garbage

7 Warning Mistakes that can Turn your Social Media Marketing into Garbage

Have you noticed that some brands gather hundreds of likes, reposts, retweets (whatever) while others have a drop in the sea or even (I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy) suspended and blocked accounts because of their activity on social media? I have seen thousands of suchlike accounts. And believe me or not, I know what caused their failure.

Nowadays, social media marketing (SMM) is vital for your business growth. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Rinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc. are a great opportunity to reach your target audience. Social media play a key role in modern marketing – both for young companies (start-ups) and for the well-known brands. 88% of all companies all over the world are using social media in their marketing strategies according to Adweek.

SMM is an important tool for promoting products and services. Everyone is aware of the fact that there needs to be at least some plan to wind the campaign. The main thing here is to go in the right direction from the first steps. Otherwise, there is a huge risk of alienating the audience or losing it forever. We will not talk here though about global (strategical) mistakes such as failure with social media plan.

The mistakes below will open your eyes to social media marketing tactics along with the pieces of advice how to avoid them.

You don’t want to throw your social media into garbage the very moment you create them, right?

So, what mistakes should be avoided to escape the notorious destiny of time and money loss?

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