5 Coolest #Hashtag Marketing Tips For Instagram

5 Tips for Building Your Brand with Instagram Hashtags + infographic

Social media marketing is such a hip term now that even the colleges and universities are offering specialized courses. When we talk about social media, we talk about platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and off late, Instagram which is widely accepted by the people across the globe.

One of the most innovative thing about the social media is the usage of the hashtags (#). At first, the users were mystified about the way it can be put to use but nowadays hashtags can bring out the essence of communication over the social media platform vitally.

Chris Messina, over the Twitter, initiated the #hashtag proposition in one of the tweets which read like “How do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?” But nothing happened until one day, back in October 2007 citizen journalists began using the hashtag #SanDiegoFire, at Messina’s proposal, they tweeted the updates on progressions of forest fires in San Diego. Since then, there was no looking back for the hashtags to progress briskly in the realms of social media.

The hashtag helps the Instagram users to discover new accounts and pick up new followers. For example, #ThrowbackThursday encourages users to post retro photos. For the hashtags to work, one must ensure that the post is set to public and not private. Therefore, one of the most crucial parts of Instagram marketing is utilizing the hashtags. Let us hover upon the five effective ways through which you can gain Instagram followers using the right hashtags.

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